Talk about TalkTalk … what on earth happened there? One of the UK’s largest telephone service providers has its website subjected to what it describes as a ‘significant and sustained cyber-attack ’. The company said that some of its customers’ credit card details may have been accessed, but added that these details would have been incomplete because some of the digits will have been replaced with the letter ‘x’.

 That is not the real threat though.

In the wake of any big cyber-attack criminals will always target the vulnerable (usually by phone) in order to trick them into disclosing personal information that will enable them to open up their bank account details and allow them to steal funds.

We know that all this is not strictly a direct concern of LB Telecom, but as one of the Manchester telephone systems specialists we have witnessed on many occasions just what distress and damage such criminal actions can cause not only to individuals but also to companies too for that matter.

So here is the LB Telecom guide to protecting your telephone security.

If a stranger phones you saying they are from your bank or credit card provider etc never disclose your full password or pin codes.

Genuine companies will never ask for that kind of information.

If you are not certain that the caller is genuine ask for a reference number and call the company back.

It is especially important that you wait at least five minutes before calling back (longer if possible). Or better still use another phone line or a mobile.

If you are talking to someone, even if they sound genuine and say that they are trying to help you, think very carefully about any information you give them that could give them access to your account.

Be careful with emails too!

Criminals can and do create very authentic looking emails as they try to persuade you to divulge sensitive information.

Do not click on a link that can take you to a false, but official-looking website designed to harvest your account details.

It is always better to type in the website address than to click on a link.

Use different passwords for different accounts.

Change passwords regularly.

Check bank statements for recent transactions you do not recognise. Criminals often begin by stealing very small amounts.

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