How often do you think about your own business telephone number? Or for that matter, do you ever think about the number you’re just about to call?

Today, thanks to an explosion in telecoms business usage and the opening up of the market there has been a huge increase in the range and type of telephone number you can apply. Is there a difference to a telephone installation Manchester for instance to the rest of the country? In fact the whole business of telephone numbers has become so complex that we thought this week we’d show you a general picture of what’s available along with approximate costs. Don’t forget though that even these costs can often vary depending on who your phone systems provider is. You may get some calls free as part of your package while other people are paying for the same thing. And don’t forget that calls from mobiles are generally higher.

Number                 Description                  Cost from landlines
Starts With                                                    
per minute (approx)


01                    Geographic numbers for                   up to 9p
02                    specific parts of the UK


03                    UK-wide numbers                               up to 9p


07                    Mobile numbers                                   6p – 32p


070                  Personal or ‘follow me’ number       4p – 65p


0800                Freephone service                               Free


0843                Business rate numbers                       1p – 13p


0845                Business rate numbers                       1p – 12p


0870                Business rate numbers                       up to 12p


0871                Business rate numbers                       11p – 15p
0872                regulated by PhonepayPlus


09                    Premium rate numbers                       9p – £2.95
‘                        regulated by PhonepayPlus


101                  Police non-emergency number          15p (total cost per call)


111                  Non-emergency medical advice           Free


118                  Enquiry directory numbers                  50p – £4.00


999                  Emergency services                               Free


Obviously some numbers, such as Freephone could be a real boon for your business, especially when you rely on customers calling you. So you could of course have a Freephone number for marketing calls whilst still having a conventional geographic or a business number for your routine business calls

To understand all the wider ramifications you obviously need expert advice from an expert organisation such as LB Telecom, that fully understands every tiny peculiarity of ‘The Numbers Game’.

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