Bulk Text Messaging

Bulk Text Messaging

And it’s cheaper, easier to use and more reliable than SIMS!

These days a text messaging service is an essential part of everyday efficiency for nearly every school, college and university as they strive to maintain efficient and instant communications with parents and students.  A text messaging service has also become an important tool for lots of other organisations, including hospitals, medical centres and thousands of businesses that need to ensure regular and immediate contact between themselves and their publics.  Now LB Telecom, one of the UK’s leading telecoms providers, has launched a new bulk text messaging service that they claim is not only cheaper and easier to operate, but it is also judged to be far more reliable than the commonly used SIMS service.

The underlying problems associated with SIMS that many users find particularly irritating are:

  •  Having to estimate usage in advance and pay up-front for the service
  •  A lack of reliability and uncertainties with delivery
  •  Difficulties with message management
  •  Unclear charging structures

But, according to LB Telecom, their new Text Messaging Service is designed to resolve all these issues.

LB Telecom, who are very highly regarded for the quality and value of their telephone systems, as well as for the excellence of their service and superior support, have committed a substantial amount of time and effort into developing a text messaging service that not only overcomes all these problems but also delivers many bonus benefits into the bargain.

  •  You pay on account and only for the messages you have sent
  •  This is a wholly UK based service to ensure reliability of delivery
  •  Message management has been simplified and improved
  •  Existing SIMS programmes are easily integrated into the new text messaging service
  •  Switching is easy, uncomplicated and quick
  •  Messages are always delivered in the correct sequence
  •  You can receive daily delivery reports
  •  LB Telecom provide full installation, training and on-going support
  •  Remote access and login is available for off-site use

Further information about the LB Telecom Text Message Service is available here or if you would like to discuss how it could be of value to your organisation and would like a FREE DEMONSTRATION without obligation please contact us today.  You can call us on 0845 296 2261, you can also email us at: customerservices@lbtelecom.co.uk or you can send us an online message by using the form on our Contact Us