Panasonic phone systems

Panasonic phone systems

Learn how future proof Panasonic phone systems are designed to grow as you grow.

It has always been a dilemma for small business owners and especially for new start-ups.  Do you opt for a small telephone system that is OK for your current needs but will need an expensive replacement as your company develops?  Or, do you push the boat out now and specify a bigger and more expensive system than you really need right now and hope that your company grows into it?

The good news is that this is no longer a dilemma!

We’d like to tell you about the latest and most versatile Panasonic phone systems – and in particular the Panasonic KX-NS700.  This is a smart hybrid IP system that includes all the features and capacity to meet your needs right now.  More importantly, it is also equipped with lots more facilities should you require them in the future.  Plus it comes ready configured to accept all the upgrades you may need as it expands to meet your growing requirements.  

All this with a remarkably cost-effective price tag.

And how about this for a testimonial?  At LB Telecom, one of the UK’s most experienced telecoms providers, we looked at loads of telephone systems, including a number of Panasonic phone systems … and we chose the KX-NS700 for our own company phone system.  That’s how impressed we were.

Here’s why we chose it for ourselves and why we would always recommend it for any small business or as a perfect telecoms for start-up businesses.

  • It can grow as you grow.

These Panasonic phone systems have the power and capacity to handle everything from a small start-up to big call centres.  It comes with just 6 extensions, but without having to make a huge investment it can be extended up to 288 extensions.

  • It has IP networking for FREE CALLS

Yes, FREE CALLS!  The KX-NS700 links into any broadband Internet connection so you can make calls without incurring costs.  It doesn’t matter where you or your staff may be – anywhere in the world – if you have a broadband connection you can still use your KX-NS700 free of charge.

  • It is ultra versatile

Panasonic phone systems like the KX-NS700 enable you to make calls wherever you may be on your premises, on the road, hot-desking, anywhere. You can also switch between desk phones and portables so you never need to miss an important call again.

  • It works with mobiles

Because you can integrate mobiles and smartphones into these Panasonic phone systems become like an office extension to take and make free calls.

  • It gives you valuable extras

400-hours of voice mail.  Email alerts.  Remote mailboxes.  Recorded sales messages.  Call monitoring.  Caller status.  On-screen directories.  The list just goes on and on.

And that is precisely why we chose these Panasonic phone systems for our own business!

If you are wondering which telephone systems will be best for your company needs, speak to LB Telecom about Panasonic phone systems and the KX-NS700.  We can arrange a FREE DEMONSTRATION and show you how it will economically answer all your telecoms requirements for today … and tomorrow.  You can call us on 0845 296 2261.  You can also email us at: or you can send us an online message by using the form on our Contact Us page