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Telecoms for Start-up Businesses

When you’re preparing to start-up your own business there’s so much to think about, but one thing you don’t have to worry about is your new telephone system … because we can take away all the stress and make sure your new business telephone does everything you want it to and at the least possible cost.

Because we’re telecom experts we will recommend the most appropriate system and almost certainly save you money by recommending the most cost-effective one too. It could even be free! What’s more the chances are that we could arrange for your new business to pay nothing for the calls you make.

Call now for peace of mind

Call LB Telecom’s knowledgeable team to discuss your telephone system’s maintenance needs.

What we can do to help new Start-Ups

First of all we will talk to you. Sounds obvious, but not everyone does it because some companies will try to sell you what they want you to buy, not necessarily what is best for you. We’ll find out exactly what you do, the size of your new company and how many people will be employed. We’ll also find out what type of calls you expect to make and receive. Only then will we make our recommendations and provide a breakdown of costs. If you then agree to go ahead we will schedule the work and make sure everything is ready, in place and working in time for the launch of your new business.


Some of the points we can advise you on:

  • Does your new location have good telephone connections?
  • What type of number would be best for you? Freephone, geographical, national, local or business rated?
  • Should we include mobiles in the package?
  • Do you need a system you can expand or take with you when you grow?
  • Secure a number quickly so you can plan stationery and advertising etc?
  • A cheap or expensive system? We will identify the most cost-effective.

LB Telecom HOSTED could be perfect for you

LB Telecom’s HOSTED is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. It used a broadband Internet connection instead of fixed lines so installation is instantly cheaper. Hardware can be FREE and so can your calls. All you pay is a low fixed monthly fee.

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