Many of the telecom scammers did!

If you should ever Google ‘Telecom Fraud’ you’ll be amazed and probably horrified at the extent of the list of frauds and scams that comes up.

If you’re not involved in the telecoms business or you’re not attached to the Police or security services, then you’ve probably no idea of just how many ingenious and devastatingly devious ways there are to relieve unsuspecting businesses of their hard-earned money by criminals who hack into their telephone system.

One of the most popular and profitable frauds these criminals get up to is a scam that is known as Dial Through Draft (DTF) or Direct Inward Systems Access (DISA). This may sound highly technical – and in reality it is – unless that is you know your way around the intricacies of a telephone installation service. Which, unfortunately these criminal gangs do.

What happens is that the criminals hack into a company’s telephone system and then, using the company’s number, sell ‘cut price’ international calls to other organisations or the general public.

When this happens, and the favourite time is over a long holiday weekend such as last weekend’s Easter break, over the Christmas shutdown or such, then the first that the victim company knows about it is when they receive their horrendously inflated bill. Unknowingly they will have been paying for complete strangers to make expensive premium rate international calls to places as distant as India, China, the Far East, South America and Russia.

One company in Manchester discovered that they had inadvertently paid for no fewer than two thousand international calls made via their own telephone number over just one bank holiday weekend.

LB Telecom telephone installation service can help to protect you from this risk.

As one of the North West’s leading telephone installation service specialists, LB Telecom can help you guard against telecom fraud by installing blocking technology, by upgrading existing software and advising how to protect your password security.

With our help you can safeguard yourself against this type of criminal action and reduce the risk of disastrous telecom fraud.

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