Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing has never been this easy, efficient … or economical

Mass text messaging is not new.  But the LB Bulk Text Messaging Service most definitely is!  What’s more this brilliantly innovative development has raised the bar in terms of ease of use, efficiency and economy by several notches so that it has now staked its claim to be Britain’s number one text message marketing tool.

Text message marketing enables companies to stay in constant touch with all their customers and lets them pass on the very latest, up-to-the-minute news, important marketing messages, flash sales, opportunities, special offers, daily deals, spot savings … it’s a proven strategy to generate additional sales and maintain regular contact with customers.

So if text messaging plays an important role within your marketing strategy then you owe it to yourself and your business to investigate the LB Bulk Text Messaging Service.  Because this is the stunning new service that has taken text message marketing to a new level of efficiency and reliability.

There is a good chance that if you currently operate a bulk text messaging facility as part of your marketing activities then you will be using a SIMS based service.

The new LB Bulk Text Messaging Service is cheaper than SIMS, easier to operate than SIMS, more reliable than SIMS …better than SIMS.

Most SIMS text message marketing users have four main gripes about the service:

  • They have to pay up-front for the service – This means that they have to estimate usage in advance.
  • It is not always fully reliable – Messages are first sent to an overseas distributor before being delivered to your mailing list.
  • It is sometimes fiddly to build and manage your mailing lists – A problem when list editing or including sub-lists.
  • It can be unclear what the cost will be – Customers complain about unexpected costs.

Now the LB Bulk Text Messaging Service resolves all these issues.

  •  You pay on account and only for the messages you have sent
  •  This is a wholly UK based service to ensure reliability of delivery
  •  Message management has been simplified and improved
  •  Existing SIMS programmes are easily integrated into the new LB Bulk Text Messaging Service
  •  Switching is easy, uncomplicated and quick
  •  Messages are always delivered in the correct sequence
  •  You can receive daily delivery reports
  •  LB Telecom provide full installation, training and on-going support
  •  Remote access and login is available for off-site use

Now we would like to prove it to you with a FREE DEMONSTRATION.  No cost.  No obligation.  No pressure.  But we would love to show you just how much more easily, economical and efficient text message marketing is when you use the new LB Bulk Text Messaging Service.  To arrange your free demonstration just call us on: 0845 296 2261.  You can also email us at: customerservices@lbtelecom.co.uk or you can send us an online message by using the form on our Contact Us page