Internet-based VoIP business phone systems unleash the flexibility of broadband

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  In other words, instead of being fixed to a permanent landline, VoIP business phone systems use the power of the Internet and the worldwide availability of broadband so that you can literally use them at any time you need to and anywhere you can pick up WiFi.  In an age when business is rapidly changing and more people are on the go more of the time, LB Telecom VoIP business phone systems enable you to get in touch or keep in touch … all the time.

The difference is that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP business phone systems) because they do not rely on a fixed line, can be used practically anywhere.  And you don’t even need a phone!  Whether you’re on the road, with a customer, in a hotel, hot-desking … even if you’re abroad … if you have a broadband connection you can make and receive calls using a laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone.  You can talk from computer to computer, computer to landline, computer to mobile.  In other words it gives you all the flexibility you need and what modern business demands.

The other business benefits of VoIP business phone systems are also very impressive.  Firstly, because there is no extensive cabling required telephone installation is quick and inexpensive.  Secondly, through the exclusive LB Telecom VoIP business phone systems package you could receive FREE HARDWARE and FREE UPGRADED SECURITY against telephone fraud.  Best of all you could also enjoy FREE CALLS!  And all this for an attractive low-cost pre-agreed monthly fee – so you always know what your costs will be and can budget accordingly.

If your business grows or if you move location then your LB Telecom VoIP business phone systems will simply expand or move with you without the need for expensive engineering work or the cost and disruption of having to purchase new numbers.

For start-up businesses and established operations LB Telecom VoIP business phone systems bring so many benefits you may think that it couldn’t get better.  But it does!


To enable you to test drive our VoIP business phone systems for yourself within your own business activities and to help you appreciate all the benefits they bring we are offering a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL.  No cost.  No obligation.  To arrange your FREE TRIAL all you have to do is call us on: 0845 296 2261.  You can also email us at: or you can send us an online message by using the form on our Contact Us page.