More and more business are now turning to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system. But why? Read on for our quick and easy guide to how VoIP can transform your office!

What is VoIP?

VoIP (which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol) allows anyone to make cheap phone calls over the internet. This could be from, landline to landline, landline to mobile, landline to computer

Why are businesses using VoIP?

A study by Information Week Research reported on VoIP trends and why companies were using/thinking about using VoIP.

The results found that that out of 280 decision makers surveyed, the companies had chosen VoIP for the following reasons…

  • Lower telecommunications costs – 66%
  • The desire to merge voice and data networks – 43%
  • Obtain a platform for one-stop communications in two or more areas – 41%
  • Increase collaboration benefits in two or more areas – 36%
  • Ease of management – 31%
  • Scalability – 24%

As you can see from the results, a large number of companies are using VoIP in order to reduce costs.

How can you save money with VoIP?

VoIP not only reduces set up costs, it also saves you money on monthly fees and call charges.

What other benefits does VoIP have?

Businesses love VoIP because it’s flexible and practical. No matter if operations are spread over multiple sites or employees are hot desking, VoIP is a great everyday tool for your business. VoIP is also a handy disaster recovery solution. If your company relies on phone calls coming in, and your phone systems go down it could cause a lot of damage to your business.

If something does go wrong, VoIP means that you can take phone calls anywhere you find an internet connection.

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