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LB Bulk Text Messaging Service

It’s cheaper than SIMS, easier to use than SIMS, more reliable than SIMS, better than SIMS.

After speaking to a number of schools, colleges, universities and businesses we recognised that although they used SIMS regularly to communicate with their public, there were a number of issues with the service they were not entirely happy with.

1. They had to pay for their SIMS messaging capacity up-front
It means they had to estimate their usage in advance and ran the risk of their account running dry just when they needed it.

2. It was not always fully reliable
The problem was that messages first went abroad to a distributor before they were delivered back to their mailing list.

3. It was sometimes fiddly to build and manage lists
This could be a problem when list editing was involved or sub-lists were being used.

4. It was not always clear what the cost would be
Sometimes customers could be hit by unexpected costs.

VoIP is great value.

Can your business afford to be without it? Call us now to find out more.

We developed the LB Bulk Text Messaging Service to resolve all these issues.

With no up-front costs and a clear, simplified pricing structure you know exactly what your costs will be in advance. No nasty shocks.

When you send your bulk text messages they go direct to our UK based providers and are relayed on to your mailing list addresses within seconds.

We’ve developed LB Bulk Text Messaging so that it is very simple, straightforward and fast to input and distribute your message. You can even select from pre-formatted templates and we’ve also made it very easy to select sub-lists so you can direct messages to specifically targeted groups.

If you’re already running a SIMS based messaging service we’ve made it simplicity itself to switch to the LB Bulk Text Messaging Service without having to re-set your database.

No matter how many multiple messages you produce they will always be distributed in the correct sequence.

Like to keep a record of your communications? With the LB Bulk Text Messaging Service you can receive daily delivery reports should you request them.


With the LB Bulk Text Messaging Service you are never on your own. Not only will we install and set-up all the software for you, we will provide professional training for your users. Even then we are always available should you require any help or assistance in the future.

For those occasions when you need to distribute messages out of hours, or when you are off-site, registered users can easily login to their account to input and post important or urgent information.

Even with all these benefits you’ll still find that the LB Bulk Text Messaging Service is ultra competitive when compared to the cost of SIMS systems.

VoIP is great value.

Can your business afford to be without it? Call us now to find out more.
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